Almost another year gone in Dayboro.

Either way… it is what it is. If you got this far.


So here we are in Dayboro…..

Well another year gone, and quick it goes. We are heading to be located in this town for 15 years, not a local yet but give it time. It’s been a great year, Dayboro is changing I can see the old and the new merging into something really great.

Weather-wise in Dayboro.

Well, the weather in Dayboro was not the best, we had big dry spells we seen well below average rainfalls and well above temperatures. No, it is not the end of the world. We just need to work with it.

Rain trends and status in Dayboro

Rain data as it is recorded at Lyndhurst-Hill Dayboro.

Dayboro Rain

Yes, we had a lot less of it, and we need to conserve water a bit more. My advice is to invest in storage, the extended long-term forecast (with a guess), we will surely get the same amount of precipitation in Dayboro, BUT it will be in shorter periods of time. For example, simply big downpours, get the same quantity that you expect to see in a day, we will get the same amount in an hour.  If you do not collect it… it will run off. Simple as that.

Looking ahead, next year…. 2018. It is like this; I always say we get a wet winter… :-). It is funny though my dogs are due for their annual needles in January, often I bump into Malcolm from UQ VETS (Dayboro Vets), and the discussion is always a bit about the weather. The question is usually…. “Henk, what about the weather, is Dayboro getting a wet autumn or winter?”.

I think that question is some secret trigger for my genetic code that transforms my brain and body language into a full-blown AMERICAN  PREACHER style person.

Either way, I always get it wrong :-).

So what is the rain prediction for 2018

Funny you ask……

I see in my crystal ball the following… pretty much near the normal average rainfall for the Dayboro area. Again I think we are going to get a wet winter…. HA HA HA .

Dayboro Temperatures for 2017

Well the funny thing is…. the key word for this is …. EXTREMES. (Ok that is a bit over the top).

Yes we do get a bit hotter, I have seen spikes of around 2C hotter since I started recording the temperatures (I do this every 5 seconds). The average is actually not so bad…

Dayboro Temperature Trends

See it is getting warmer :-), I might actually have to take my shirt off…. (ok that paints a horrible picture….).

Dayboro should be a bit worried.

0.8C increase… not much you think… well it is actually. If you think about temperature in the animal world it can mean the difference between male and female. It is true look it up.

What is really interesting is where the average increase occurs, it occurs in the summer months as to the winter months are colder. THIS has a big impact on cropping, and grass growth. I for one would love slow grass growth if I did not have cattle, it would mean less mowing…. How cool would that be.

Considering that we have little or no cropping and farming in our area, I say those who decided to sell their farms for development made the right choice.

We saw development in Dayboro.

Yup, Dayboro and surrounding areas are growing. Developments are kicking off, not only because it is the right time but also because they were approved a long time ago. It is not all good, for example, if you look at Tullamore Estate. Rolling hills replaced by terrace semi high-density development. Disgusting in my view, but we all have to live somewhere.

Dayboro water table

The Dayboro water table is dropping, and the replenishment rate is slowing down, common sense tells you that that is not sustainable. We will run out of the water more often.

Dayboro businesses are “dying”.

This year, like every year, we seen business come and go, coffee shops opening and closing. Post and Rail is one example, it changed hands and proprietors more often than the average season in the year.

Other businesses like some clothing business, old style clothing and stuff business they are all gone again. The pizza place is still there (thank goodness, or should I say thank Johnny’s).

There are heaps and heaps of “home-based” business that are doing well, for the reason that they are home-based. I can see that there is no real advantage to have a “brick and mortar” business in the Dayboro main street other than a coffee shop. I believe it is “euthanising” the town.

The battle of the roads.

No year goes by without a good volume of complaints about the usage of our roads. This year, no exception, we either drive to fast, or we drive to slow. One thing is sure, there is too much lycra, way too much of it.

The lycra crowd does keep the coffee shops in town alive, so there is something to be said about that. The leather crowd also provides an excellent income stream to the coffee shops and the local petrol station.


What this shows is that DAYBORO is a tourist town, sorry people but that is what we have become.

Good ideas.

Good ideas are floating around; a good thing would be to capture them and have them published, have people talking about them. I attempted to catch them, publicise the ideas online display, have people made aware. Not being the most liked person in town, I know it will be doomed to fail for that exact reason, it does, however, shuts up some of the negatives perhaps they will “pull their socks up next year”.

It is something I believe should have been done a LONG time ago.

Dayboro 2018 here we come.

My Santa wish list is quite simple. It is not difficult it just needs unbiased compassion, the common sense compassion type, the type of compassion that has another response to “this is how we always did it”. The kind where discussions are factual to the subject, acceptance that you can be wrong and accept that things can be done differently and perhaps better.  I know, one can only dream.

Let’s say we have a crack at it, would it not be great to see that Dayboro related information is in a central place, online complimenting the Grapevine?

I have a dream.

  • Seeing an online portal where our town and changes are published on time and factual?
  • Having one online business and phone directory for Dayboro and surrounds, where local businesses can have a “mini website” for free (well I provide it for free for now, that might not be sustainable for others.).
  • Having events published and promoted across a wider area and have updates in real-time, should the weather or other issues arise.  I am happy to volunteer for that; I am doing that already for the events I been told about.
  • Having a place where people can raise ideas for the Dayboro town, without the usual negative crap that comes along with it if you step on those long toes. They can be good or bad, that something failed in the past does not mean it will fail again. Collecting the ideas and have the organisations like DDPAI, Lions and so many others address them (they need people to help them, so volunteer, get involved). Have the capabilities of the associations, organisations, clubs and volunteers structured and working with each other.


I know it is a dream, some might say a nightmare, the yesteryear town is connected to yesteryear type internet perhaps that can work in our advantage.


I believe Dayboro has become a tourist town; there is no denying that those who have the option buy their stuff elsewhere due to “perceived” cheaper alternatives. Even with the current influx of new residents (by the yesteryear standards they cannot be called Dayborians) is not going to sustain the local businesses or increase the diversity of local businesses.

Let’s make 2018 a year where we all come together, get ideas going have some fun in the process and see if we can make this little patch of paradise an even more exciting place. The tools are there; I now challenge you and all organisations to take me up on that challenge, submit ideas discuss in the open what is going on and ask.

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HELP4BIS is nothing big, just plotting along helping those who want it. We live local, we work local and we support local.