Consolidation….. and who will do it?

A Dayboro Umbrella?

Well, picture it…..

I can use fancy terms like consolidation, holistic approach, 360view and all those fancy business terms. I think it is a lot simpler than that, and here is my story.

The idea

Approach this idea/post with an open mind.

What I am “toying” with is a proposition/idea perhaps even a solution or if it already exists maybe an improvement. The idea is to have something (an existing group, body or association) to be the single source of information. Not the actual doer more so the conductor of the orchestra…..

Collect and consolidate.

Let’s start with collecting ideas and consolidate them.

What if we have a single Dayboro Community Portal, where ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY can post ideas. It is for people who have ideas but not sure how to start it or who would be able to help.

For example, the Dayboro District Progress Association Incorporated could be ideally positioned to collect the ideas. I see them as the ideal group that can be the “Puppet Master” (by lack of better term), assisting, guiding and directing each new idea, new event and/or changes to Dayboro.

Dayboro District Progress Association Incormporated

DDPAI to capture and filter all things in relation to Dayboro?


It is not meant to replace ideas inside each club, organisation or association. For example if the Dayboro Soccer club has an idea and creates it in an event, they might not need the help of the DDPAI. They can simply post the event and let the Dayboro Information Center know about it, for further publication on the Dayboro Community Portal (for example).

It be different if you want to start a new event, like for example Dayboro Harvest that will require a lot of groups to work together. (I will use Dayboro Harvest as an example).



Orchestrate (verb) to arrange or manipulate, especially by means of clever or thorough planning or maneuvering), it sounds like taking over, it is not what I have in mind.


What I have in mind/idea is to enable the community to voice views, ask questions and find answers online, in the local grapevine and perhaps Facebook.

This information needs, somehow, be collected checked/validated to make sure it is accurate and then distributed to EVERYBODY who seeks it.

There is so much going on in Dayboro, lots of stuff is organised, build and discussed yet it seems hard to find the answers.


Example Dayboro Harvest vision

Let’s take the Daybro Harvest initiative as an example. The idea is partof Dayboro Alive, a poll was set up to gauge the idea with the local community, and there seems to be an interest.



DDPAI be able to monitor?

For example the DDPAI could monitor and assist.

Based on the poll and feedback from the community the Dayboro Harvest definition was established.

Dayboro Harvest Music Festival is a community event to promote Dayboro as a tourist, events and business hub based on the Yesteryear traditions. The music festival is a mixture of country, blues and rock music. It will be, initially, a one day and evening event, with tents and stalls enabling local businesses and tourist operators to promote their services.

Dayboro Harvest Music Festival is a not-for-profit initiative with all proceedings, after cost, to go back into the community to support initiatives that enable youth and young people to learn new skills.

Dayboro Harvest Music Festival is to function as “springboard” for local music and performing artists into a more mainstream audience. The mixture of local performing artists and broader known acts will be needed to attract a wider audience.

“The goal is to use Dayboro Harvest Music Festival to introduce local performing artists to the wider public in a relaxed and family-friendly environment while promoting Dayboro as a destination. Sourcing and showcasing all services and labour locally will boost the town-ships employment. While the profits will flow back into the community by providing funds for youth and young people support and skill training initiatives.”

The definition is something that can be forwarded to the DDPAI (for example. I am not saying they WILL be doing it. I believe it is the most logical point to start). It gives the DDPAI an idea what the event might look like and as such help to make the right contacts.

DDPAI orchestrate.

In this example, the DDPAI might say…. “Great idea, talk to these clubs. We can help you with local business contacts and the Council.” and can perform a monitor/help function to get an event of the ground. Not actually doing the work, more to be a sounding board, coaching and guidance.


For examle a suggestion might be made to have the first Dayboro Harvest at the Footy Club. A reason why the footy club might be a candidate for an event like the Dayboro Harvest is simple. The Footy Club has space, has a licensed bar and kitchen and due to the “lay of the land” it has a natural seating area. The fields could be used to allow bands to be set up, local businesses to display their services and so much more. It has lighting should that be required and as such it might have enough infrastructure to support a music event.   (Disclaimer…. this is just an example…. the footy club has not been contacted about this).


The Lions, the Local Rural Firebrigade and any other club in Dayboro have in some shape or form experience with events. Each group comes with their own “army” of volunteers. Clubs have the experience in their field and they know how what to do and what is involved with activities. It also helps to keep “committee” sizes to a minimum by “outsourcing” :-).

(Disclaimer…. this is just an example..).

Council and Local Businesses

Each event needs money…. support etc. The council can provide grants and local businesses can provide “content” or sponsor “bands”.

(Disclaimer…. this is just an example…. the council or local businesses have not been contacted about this).



Lets for simplicity call it “Monitor Stuff”. In the above example, the DDPAI pointed the event “organisers” in the right direction. Helped them to find the right people and support, in the meantime, the DDPAI is aware of the event and can help with “promoting” it within the Dayboro Community. In the mean time it can “monitor” the event, not hands on just report “non biased” back to the Dayboro Community as the single source of truth.

This page is still in draft and will have changes. All organisations are used as example, it applies to events but can also apply to all SERVICES that the town might require.

About help4bis

HELP4BIS is nothing big, just plotting along helping those who want it. We live local, we work local and we support local.