Consolidation —> who will do it?

Consolidation —> who will do it?

It is raining ideas…


Single source of truth for Dayboro Information

Single source of truth for Dayboro Information.

To achieve something like the picture above, I think we need two umbrellas and a bit in the middle.  The whole thing can be called DAYBORO COMMUNITY PORTAL.

I try to explain it below, as you try to work your way through my story, bad grammar and spelling I like you to remember ONE THING. It is an idea in good faith, and it is not meant to put the responsibility on any of the groups mentioned below, I try to start a discussion. I believe a discussion (dialogue) should take place to create a single online and offline portal for Dayboro.

Sure most will say that Facebook is doing that, or the Dayboro Historical society information centre does it already. Some might even claim that dayboroinfo or dayboro_com do it already.

You are right… they do… in isolation….what I like to know if it is a good idea to have ONE PLACE where everything originates from.

Would it be good to have a “single point” for Dayboro?

I think so. I like to stress out that I am not pointing fingers, I am not judgmental (for a change) I want you to think about this with an open mind. If you look at the image above “Single source of truth for Dayboro Information”, that sums it up really. But how will that work?

The way it COULD work is having ONE community PORTAL, it will not change anything to the existing community groups, they should and will be free to post/promote their events on their facebook or website.

A single community portal,  will complement them. I can see the Dayboro Information centre is the custodian  (entrusted with) of ALL events, activities, things to do information for Dayboro. Perhaps publishing a monthly newsletter/subscription, for “out of area” people.

The information ideally is in real-time, up-to-date (e.g. cancellations due to weather) and accurate.  A place where visitors and locals can go to see “what is on in Dayboro” online and if possible off-line.

All organisations (either commercial or volunteer) have their publications and updates. And so it should be, they are responsible for their information. Where things go wrong is when the information is not forwarded to the Dayboro Information Center.

This is why I think Dayboro could do with a single PORTAL, a place where each event is updated, either by the event organiser or someone who can do it on their behalf.

For example:

The Dayboro Information Center has implemented a Whiteboard where all organisations/businesses and groups can put their event up.

It is a fantastic idea, it prevents clashes and shows what is on. I believe we can build upon this and take it a step further.

Not everybody can visit the information centre, for whatever reason.

What if that information would be online in a single Dayboro Community Portal?


Dayboro Information Center

Dayboro Information Center, single point of “truth” for Dayboro Information.

What do you think?


Do we need one Dayboro Community Portal?

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