The air quality in Dayboro

We use a DC1100 PRO EMI air quality monitor, this is not an full blown air qualifier tester. It is just an off the shelf indoor air quality tester. This unity is a good alternative for the more industrial standard units that cost thousands.

The Air Quality tester is happily sitting under the house, where it is monitoring the air since 2010 I think it was. Same place since day dot, same applies for the ground and air gamma radiation unit.

The unit specifications:

  • True Laser Particle Counter with two particle size ranges
  • Particle Measurement: 0.5 Micron & 2.5 Micron
  • Flow Rate: .01 CFM
  • Talks to the weather server and collects data into a DB.

We measure two particles groups/sizes:

  • Small – 0.5 Micron and larger: Fine dust, bacteria, mold, smoke, etc.
  • Large – 2.5 Micron and larger: Coarse dust, pollen, dust mite casings, etc.