Do you have an idea?

Do you have an idea for Dayboro? But no idea how to start it or how to go about it…. well let us help. We do not make any promises, just helping to collect ideas, see if we can get you some “partners in crime” and let’s see where the journey starts.

Fill in the form below; it is nothing special nothing major.

My promise to you is that I will do my utmost to get the information to whom I think might need or benefit from it. Either with or without your details… the choice is yours. If you do not fill in your name and email address, then that is fine. Ideally, you do so we can provide feedback.

Dayboro alive

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Dayboro Alive what is it?

The first impression you will have is …… “Oh NOOOO not another one”, true another one.

Dayboro Alive is a brainchild of some Dayborians, it has NO affiliation with any OTHER group or association in Dayboro and as such is not bias towards any group or organisation, and it will remain that way. It was set up out of necessity and concerns that Dayboro is slowly but steadily being transferred into another Brisbane Suburb.

Nothing wrong with that, really, along as we can keep a bit of rural, bit of the “old dayboro” intact and promote the LOCAL DAYBORO BUSINESSES.

So many ideas, but they are never really captured or published, even worse might jus be discarded without having a chance.

So let the crowd do their thing, and vote for ideas, list ideas and voice their thoughts.

What is our charter?

  • Give opportunity to everybody to list ideas and suggestion to improve or expand town actives.
  • Give opportunity to everybody to suggest ideas or improvements to any existing events or activities in town.
  • Allow anonymous submission or non-anonymous submission of ideas, suggestions or critique on an existing event or activity in town.
  • Be non-biased, everything goes as long it is fair, non discriminating, threatening or personal attacks.
  • Consolidate all submissions and forward them to the event or activities holder/originator.
  • Assist by collecting information relevant to the event or activity, via polling and online comments, allowing the idea owner to make informed decisions.


Simply because there is currently NO central repository for ideas, suggestions, complaints, critique etc that is NON BIAS. Most organisations are volunteer (this initiative is no different) based and have either not the resources, capacity or willingness to deal with it. We (yes it is not only me) have a stake in either one or more business or organisation, in Dayboro so it is in our interest to make Dayboro the best it can be.

So who made you the “big kahuna”.

I did…. simply. I am a keyboard worrier, often accused of being one especially in the context of assuming all I do is writing a critique. That is ok, most if not all initiatives start with a keyboard as it is. BUT to be fair, it is true I could do more. So here it is…

Let’s have a go at it Dayboro, create an ideas pool.

So what ideas are we currently working on?

Dayboro alive Ideas.

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