Dayboro District

From a dayboro information viewpoint, the Dayboro District consists of the suburbs surrounding Dayboro.

  • Mount Pleasant
  • King Scrub
  • Ocean View
  • Armstrong Creek
  • Rush Creek
  • Kobble Creek
  • Whiteside

As you can read on the wiki page Dayboro and its districts are part of the State Electorate Pine Rivers, County of Stanley and our Federal division is Dickson.

Dayboro District Quick Stats.

The image below gives you a quick overview of who and what in Dayboro. These are census result for Dayboro, it is interesting to see that Moreton Bay council has different numbers in relation to the amount of people living in Dayboro.

Dayboro District Quick Stats

Dayboro District Quick Stats (Source: 2016 Census)

So who is all living in Dayboro District?

Most seem to come from an English background, the most common ancestries in Dayboro (State Suburbs) were English 32.2%, Australian 30.2%, Scottish 9.0%, Irish 8.9% and German 5.7%.

German ancestry in Dayboro is very ingrained. Recently the CWA Dayboro had a German-themed meeting; great effort was put into German food and heritage. They also use a map of Germany to show where some of the older Dayboro settlers came from… Very interesting.

Dayboro District german ancestries original place.

Where did Dayboro German settlers come from (Source: CWA Dayboro).