Hi, you made it 🙂

I am so glad to see you here, you made it… that is good.  So how does this work? Simple… fill in the form below.. and magic happens.


Add me to directory.


The magic.

After you filled in the form, our minnions go to work, they will go and collect stuff, filter stuff and if we are lucky do stuff.

  • We grab information the given link.
  • We create a listing on this site for you
  • We send you login details so you can change what you want, but most people do not use that.
  • We add images and all relevant business details we can find
  • We send you the link to the listing
  • And that is it, if you want changes.. just drop an email… or do it yourself


What you get?

  • Free business listing, it has been free since 2004 and always will be free (as long as I can afford it).
  • You can add events, to promote your services or things you have going on.
  • Your business will be (at random) selected to be promoted to several social media sites on FB. Nothing weird.. just your business, what you do and your dayboroinfo listing link.
  • People can search on our site to find you, send you an email or call you directly.
  • No bull.

Why are you doing this?

  • Because I can
  • Because …. well… just because really.

More information about the motivation behind this site? Well just scroll down… all the way down… on the home page.

Have fun..