Dayboro Music festival voting boot.

Not sure what to call it yet music festivalDayboro Harvest Music Festival.

There are a few people trying to get a music festival started,  Dayboro Harvest is as good a name as any.

We looking to get an idea what music the Dayboro Community likes. It will gives us an idea what to do next, so let hear your vote.

There is a heap of different types of music, I believed there was only good and bad music, as it turns out there is a lot of different stuff.

Have your say, let us know what type of music YOU like to hear should a festival come off the ground.

Let’s hear it. What are we targeting.

What music genre should the Dayboro Music Festival be?

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You can only vote once (ok teco’s will know their way around that) and you can select up to 3 types of genre.

I figured that is fair.

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