Fresh produce in dayboro. It comes up a lot.

Getting local produce, support local buy local.

The topic of buying local produce has come up again on one of the FB pages.  This is what I think.

There are several hobby farms around in Dayboro, and several have attempted to sell their produce either online or via a stall beside the road…. only a few succeeded.

We have Love Living Farm who “We are a local farm using organic farming methods to grow pesticide free fruit and vegetables as well as other whole foods. #eatmoreveg”  not sure if they still active as their online presence seems to be stalling.

We have Karen’s Grow Your Own, a fantastic service ” Assisting people in the Dayboro and surrounding area in starting, regenerating or maintaining a chemical free sustainable vegetable garden.” who can help you establishing your own veggie garden. From what I gather you only have to get it out of your own garden.

And there be heaps more, all we need really is a “Veggie Broker”. This is where “action jackson” (well that is how I call him) from Jackson Produce could come in. I had the pleasure working with him at the start. He knows his veggies. He would be an excellent person to collate (if he has the time) and distribute (if he has the time) the local produce. I believe that was part of his original business plan, problem might be the steady flow of produce and especially FRESH produce in the local area.

The other problem might be the quality of the supply chain, there are all sorts of regulations, bubble wrap clauses to protect those without common sense when it comes to consuming fresh produce. Generally if the item does not have a step by step instruction, the “authorities” don’t want you to sell it. Which is a bummer because there is so much good stuff here in Dayboro, there are so many with the right idea’s but common sense of the consumer might put a damper on things.

We have a stall at the Dayboro Markets, we sell fresh produce that we have a surplus, together with art :-). But the issue is liability, for sure we have insurance for the market stall (wonder how many actually have that), however, that does not apply to consuming the sold goods. Something to think about when starting a stall.

Safe Food Australia, has visited us a view times in relation to eggs. All good, but again if you want to sell eggs you need a “fr…ing” license, they come and inspect etc etc. Again it is one of those “bubble wrap protection rules”, for sure you know if an egg is 14 days old you should consider it might not fit for consumption.

So what are the options?

  • Sell online… true… but if you have no steady flow your visitors might not visit to often, an alternative is
  • Dayboro Markets, yes but your produce is not prone to stick to the dates of the Dayboro Markets, it might be over ripe before it gets there.
  • Facebook, excellent but not everybody is on Facebook. Personally I think your post/advert will get lost in the sheer amount of information.
  • A local blog? That is a great idea LOL.. yes you can use this forum for that. Not a problem, just let me know if there is interest and we will build it. (in a day or two).

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