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Google’s users (and your potential customers) are constantly searching for local businesses. Google knows this and gives a higher ranking to businesses that can indicate to Google they are both relevant and local. Google’s algorithm changes have really emphasised this, so search results that were once very similar Australia wide, are now quite varied in different locations (ie Dayboro vs Brisbane).

There are a number of local SEO (Search engine optimisation) strategies to drive more targeted visitors to your website. They are all important, but one of the biggest local search boosts comes from local Australian business directory listings. Australian business directories are not just for driving search traffic, they can also provide referral traffic from people clicking through from your listing.

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So time to start submitting your business right?

A business can be physical, we refer to that as the “Brick and Mortar” type businesses. If you look at Dayboro, there are not many “Brick and Mortar” businesses in the main street, simply because there is no space, this brings me to the second type of business.

The VIRTUAL business, do not get me wrong these are not the online sell fluffy air type business in this context. I use this term to define ALL those home based Dayboro businesses. There are a LOT.  Often “hidden” from view, come out once a month to the Dayboro markets. It is these businesses that are often forgotten that they excist. They are as much KEY to the Dayboro community as the Brick and Mortar businesses we see every day.

Dayboroinfo is established for that reason, get those home/hidden businesses out there, for FREE. Budgets are often very tight so this is my little donation to you, trying to help your business flourish by providing another way of advertising.