How to get on the internet in Dayboro and Surrounds.

Often discussed in several facebook pages, so I figured lets get it all together.

First off a disclaimer….
  1. I do not sell ADSL, Satelite or other connectivity services. I have in the past when Avelon Downs was developing, in those days I provided a Free WiFi hotspot, but that is 12yrs ago and Telstra and the like do it now.
  2. I have no gain in posting this information, I merely want to help those in Dayboro without bias. I believe in honesty, and I do (sort of) care. (For this reason I do not post this information on our company site)
  3. The information on this site is based upon my view, experience and qualifications. Where appropriate reference to the source is made. I do get a lot of information from  of which I been an active member since 2002. Discussing telco technologies and other IT related matters.


The connection types:

(I will try to explain each of them individually with references as we go along)

Wired into your House

Each connection type has its different setup and different users. Best and arguably the cheapest is the “wired into your house”.

Problem is not everybody can get that, but here is a link where you can check that. (There are others, I just choose this one because I like the picture).

Click on the image or <click here> to be taken to the site that generates this information.

You need to have a landline number, as the validation is done based upon exchange, you can do by address but, I am not sure how accurate that is.

From experience, the address is to general really as it is not an designated end-point.



The picture above shows the exchange range for the dayboro exchange located at (Dayboro – 6 McKenzie St, Dayboro 4521 – DAYB) , the color dots within in it show speeds as they are provided by actual users. A quick way to find your distance is simply to use google maps.

2016-06-02_10-15-53This shows how far I am from the exchange…. this is not exact science but close enough. I am 2.8km from the exchange. Distance is important, the further away the lower the speed will be.

The more users would post their speed the better this picture will be. You can do so by submitting your speeds here. On this site you will see a menu, this can give you some more information.

I would recommend to check “capped exchanges” as it will show if you can or cannot get an adsl port….(simply said… it is where you phoneline is plugged into. Like a power cord you plug into the power point to make the light go on). In Dayboro we use a Telstra exchange (to the best of my knowledge) Telstra has all sorts of information available for you to check up on, it is what the FB Online IT-Guys do but you can easy do it yourself.

Pricing…. WhistleOut has a good overview.


Equipment that seems to work well.

I have tried a few modems, the original Telstra Modem, Netcomm and Billion. I do not want to promote any of the modems.

Currently I use a BiPAC 7800VDPX, it is not a cheap one. You can find individual reviews of the modem on the internet (yes again on whirlpool).

Why a billion? From what I gather they seem to work well on long distances, they just perform. It might be the chip set that is the closed to what Telstra uses in the exchange.


I am in Avelon Downs, the distance to the exchange is important my distance is 2.5km, below is an image on what you can expect based upon speed versus distance. (there are several on the internet, I just choose to use this one from whistleout).

adsl-speeds-v-distanceBased upon that image I do a little bit better than average, I think that is because of the equipment and setup.

Here are a few things you can do to help your adsl speed:

  1. Ensure you have quality ADSL filters, they split the signal between voice and data. I have used several ones and several brands, I found that the Telstra ones seem to work best. THEY DO BREAK, although no moving parts they do break. Thunderstorms etc seems to upset them after a while. It is almost that you should replace them every year or so. I have no technical or science explanation for that. (apart from the thunderstorms, that is EMP issues).
  2. Limit the phones/faxes in your house. Each phone and/or fax once to have a piece of the line quality…. it is a bit of a chatter etc. The less equipment connected the better your quality will be.
  3. Do NOT put mobile phones or transformer (not the cars but the chargers) on or near the phone lines or any equipment attached to it. It is very minor but it does impact the data quality. There is a reason why the AU cable standard does not allow for electricity and data to go through the same hole. This might be one of them.
  4. Last but not least…. make sure your connections are solid… and put stuff in the right holes.





09:40:00 06/02/2016 Added anchor to jump to Wired In house, elaborated a bit more on equipment.

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