How about Food Forage

Finally someone developed an online fresh produce exchange thingy.


I just found this serious good looking site, I do not believe it is local, but that should not stop you from using it. Currently listings are for free, as they state they will introduce subscription and advertising fee later on.

What they say about themselves:

Through embracing the farm-to-fork philosophy, Food Forage provides a platform for local suppliers from all walks of life to sell their produce, while also allowing families to discover where their food comes from.
In a world where supermarkets reign supreme, Food Forage want to tell the stories of local producers and their produce and educate the wider community about the importance of eating locally and supporting local business.
The concept and our goal is simple: Food forage wants to socialise the online shopping experience and connect Australian communities through food.

How it works:

Well I could ramble on about that, but they have a very very simple and well outlay-ed process.

What does it replace?

Here in Dayboro, nothing really yet, but there is the foodexchange.

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Follow up from:

Fresh produce in dayboro. It comes up a lot.

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