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Indoor/outdoor cushions, tablecloths & tea towels, basket ware, home-wares all either made in Dayboro, sourced in Dayboro or from Dayboro

Based in Dayboro, Queensland we Bungalow Living manufactures the largest range of indoor / outdoor cushions.  These cushions are perfect for inside the home and out,  with materials made to be stain and water resistant, as well as resistant to fading under prolonged UV exposure.

UV and stain resistant qualities are achieved in a number of different ways, from the quality of the dye to the weight of the fabric itself, as well as special wax-like coatings which move and flex with the cloth whilst having the best liquids repelling properties.

When you buy our cushions online at Bungalow Living, you can be confident that they’ll not only look fantastic, they also can endure tough day-to-day living and require minimal maintenance.

Who is Bungalow Living?

My name is Megan Riddle, I am a mother of 3 young boys who loves spending time at home, pottering around, gardening and doing a bit of up-cycling here and there….

The Bungalow Living cushion collection reflects my taste in colourful fabrics and bold designs.

I believe that there is no correct formula to decorate your home, you are best to just surround yourselves in what you love and your style or personal look will evolve.

We have lived in our current home for close to 12 years now and other than painting a few pieces of furniture and changing cushions and rugs our home as evolved and still looks fresh without big outlay.

As you can see, with 3 young boys who have no fear of getting dirty and playing rough you could say that all my products are “family tested”.

Just some of the services

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Our Address:

Williams st, Dayboro, Queensland, Australia 4521


-27.1961852, 152.8242894

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