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A new Dayboro Church

The Dayboro Church is a family and community focused group led by Dayboro resident Pastor Gary Levens, an Assemblies of God credentialed minister who previously led a large church on Brisbane’s Northside after doing missionary work in South America.

Our Sunday church service has a format that seeks to develop the worship/seeker of God in intimate worship of Jesus Christ and to build faith through a free-flow of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, powerful biblical preaching and “connecting” with one another around a good quality cuppa and food.

Our four predominant Dayboro Church values as a church are:-

  • Making Disciples – this was the mandate Jesus gave to His followers Matt 28-18,19
  • Presence – encountering the power and intimacy of the Holy Spirit
  • Family – not only do we place great value on the family unit with all of its own relationships, but we believe that any local church congregation must be formed into a family of believers
  • Mission/Outreach – the two greats of the New Testament are the Great Commandment (to love one another) and the Great Commission to go into all of the world and make disciples. The “going” is both local, in Dayboro and surrounds, and international – to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Our Sunday service is lively but not uncomfortably noisy, full but not too long, contemporary. We meet at 9:00am every Sunday..

The Dayboro Church supports local community projects as part of the Dayboro Combined Churches as well as sponsoring Children’s homes in India and Bolivia.

Dayboro Youth Church

Dayboro School chaplain Darren Hergott has a Friday afternoon kid’s club going for the students.  Older kids that have attended that have requested something for them too.  In 2014 Darren and Dayboro Church are looking to establish a Friday night youth activity for teens.

Dayboro Kid’s Church

Kid’s church is a big part of who Dayboro Church is.  We have a vision to reach the kids of Dayboro District with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to make disciples of young people.   Evidence of this value is the amount of effort that we put into establishing our kid’s ministry on Sundays, running concurrently with our main service.  Damien and Elizabeth Lawson (Damo and Libbi) have many years of experience being involved in kid’s church activities both here in Australia and on short-term overseas mission trips.

Kid’s Church meets simultaneously with the main service and youth on Sunday nights.” Sunday mornings at 9am in the Dayboro School Hall, 58 McKenzie St. Ph: 0412 699046

Check out the new website of our kids home in the amazon


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