About enarji Health Coaching enarji (pronounced “n-r-gee”) was founded in 2006 by Sue Bary.

Principal Health Coach Sue Bary wanted to create opportunities for people like herself who enjoy living a holistically enriched lifestyle without the stigma of ‘you should  put on some weight’, ‘you need to lose some weight’, ‘you need to go on a diet’ etc.

At enarji Health Coaching we specialise in Mothers Health & Wellbeing by promoting activites that are enjoyable and sustainable. 

enarji Health Coaching follows the Health At Every Size approach to living by understanding that an appropriate “healthy weight” for an individual cannot be determined by the numbers on a scale or by an ideal height / weight chart or by using the Body Mass Index (BMI) or body fat percentages.

Rather, a Health At Every Size approach to wellness defines a “healthy weight” as the weight at which a person settles as they move towards a more fulfilling and meaningful lifestyle.


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