Just a mother struggling to find healthy gluten free treats…

To opening my first store, appearing on Shark Tank and launching a product line.

Originally, I just wanted to find something for my son to have as a treat. Aside from myself being coeliac, my son can not have gluten either. And sadly, when he was younger he was unable to have dairy, soy and eggs. I truly struggled to find treats he could have. Most gluten free options had dairy, and if they didn’t they were filled with sugar and modified corn starch. No thanks!! So I began experimenting. After hundreds of test batches laters (and many tears) I finally created a recipe that was yummy, healthy and free of all the top allergies – Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Corn, Eggs & Nuts. Not only were my cupcakes & cakes gluten-friendly they were suitable for most people with allergies AND vegan-friendly too!

Within a year I outgrew my home-based food business, and opened my first store! It was extremely exciting seeing my dream become a reality. But sadly, that reality meant working 7 days a week and VERY long hours. It took me away from my family, and started taking its toll on my health. After another year, I decided to sell the store to spend more time with my family and take my products online.

Since then, Holistic Mamma has grown into a safe place to advance your self-love, improve your health and as well as share delicious recipes with a community of High Vibe female go-getters with free tools, resources and advice from experts in their fields. I aim to provide you with honest, authentic and reliable information to help you take action and take charge of your life, to live beyond your wildest dreams. This site delves into your holistic self… from internal mindset training, healthy eating recipes, alternative therapies, fitness, beauty, fitness,  & how to live your life on a high vibration. It’s pretty much everything I needed when my life was in a funk, all in the one happy & kick-arse place!


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