Millen Farm Samford

We are a start-up not for profit organisation, which is being established in the Samford Valley, 30 minutes from the Brisbane CBD, on land within walking distance of Samford Village. Our aim is to be a catalyst for an expanding local food system in Samford Valley and to influence projects in the wider world.

We are also a proud partner of the Samford Commons which will be a world class, innovative and exciting showcase for sustainable living and working.  It will use leading-edge technology, creative educational strategies and innovative approaches to engaging communities and businesses on-site and on-line.

Our Mission:

  • Establish a financially and ecologically sustainable urban farming system
  • Develop opportunities for hands-on, leading edge formal and informal learning in urban organic farming
  • Provide learning activities that enhance the capacity to make choices between a range of organic agricultural systems (permaculture, biodynamics, organics, biological) rather than a ‘one system is best’ approach
  • Maximise underutilised private and public land for food growing
  • Develop an urban farming model based on empirical research that can be replicated by other communities

At its heart, Millen Farm is a community-owned sustainable enterprise that has been founded, established and managed by the community, for the community.  We are a unique venture because we are creating a sustainable, alternative food system for you to be a part of, where the entire supply chain uses local processes and resources. The Farm is designed to support the production of locally grown organic fruit and vegetables for the whole family.

It’s been quite a journey to bring Millen Farm to life, one of the pivotal moments was the collaborative nature of creating our identity;

  • Millen comes from the language of the local Toorbul tribe and translates as ‘place of feasting’, an appropriate name for Samford, with its fertile ground and history of agriculture.

We would like to show our respect and acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, of elders past and present, on which Millen Farm takes place.

Our tagline ‘Learn, Grow, Feast’ was born when considering what the key elements of the farm:

  • Learn: One objective of the farm is to support education (both formal and informal) by providing guidance to both the beginner and the experienced food producer alike. Exciting courses in what to do with excess harvest including pickling, preserving and cooking are much anticipated in addition to the plethora of agricultural workshops we will be running.
  • Grow: Although a not-for-profit business, Millen Farm will operate as a commercial farm and local, organic, seasonal produce will be available for purchase. The farm also aims to raise awareness of current food production systems, food transportation and nutrition.
  • Feast: Millen Farm is named in acknowledgement of the ancient communities who gathered here to share food. Our vision is that Samford cafes, restaurants and shops will embrace this tradition by promoting seasonal, locally produced organic food, and we ourselves will be organising various culinary events throughout the year to celebrate our locally grown food.

We welcome and encourage people from all walks of life, within the Valley and further afield, to be part of this exciting community venture.


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Samford, qld, Australia


-27.3627124714, 152.887973244

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