Hi, my name is Bree Cahill and among a few other things such as being a mum of 5, I am a Psychic Medium. Ever since I was young girl I have been connecting with Spirit, however it was not until 2015 that I found my calling to work with Spirit was one not to be ignored. 

In 2016 I received my certification by the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD) as being gifted with both a Psychic and Medium gift.

I offer readings of the classic nature, however I am also working with a very special horse (who moonlights as a Unicorn) Rock StarDust to offer people and Spirit the opportunity to connect with an innate animal such as the horse. These readings offer people and horses the environment to heal any blocks they may have in their and to connect more deeply to their own spiritual path. 

Rocky and I also work offering workshops with other horses and their humans to intuitively build upon the relationships between them and provide further healing.

I thoroughly enjoy the work I do and am entirely honored each time I am able to connect a client to Spirit and provide them with the guidance that they are offered. 

I really look forward to reading for you or with you sometime should you be called to have a reading. 


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