The Running Duck Studio has been inspired by “the obvious”, the hilarious Indian Runner Ducks that inhabit my beautiful piece of paradise. Leaf, Snowy, Lightning, Shimmer…I could go on, they are the most comical bunch of feathered friends. And such is the feel of these artworks, light and playful with a good dab of fantasy adding a uniqueness like no other.

 Strong Australian themes are present with the use of outback country scenes as back drops for the digital collages. The photos have been collected from my travels across Australia, in an exploration of its many faces.  My I love Australia themed photography can be viewed at

 Ink and brush is serious fun, in its simplest form. Starting with only a basic idea (sometimes none) the free will of the ink as it splashes almost with its own agenda, shapes the artwork into something with a sense of freedom and emotion.  These artworks have a whimsical playful feel and are only sold as original artworks and not prints.


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