Lead Twilight Markets and why you should support it.

Lead Twilight Markets and why you should support it.

Feb 2018 –> Archived Lead is planning (if all possible) to have two a year. For regular twilights we should raise another initiative. For example Dayboro Nights.

Lead Twilight Markets in Dayboro

I can see this grow… Twilight markets… that is brilliant idea. Imagine coming home from work, meet your family at the twilight markets. Have a browse, meet up with friends and wander, relax etc. Beats sitting in the pub if you ask me, but that is a personal preference.

It is an amizing gesture that Lead Childcare Dayboro opening their facility (car park) to allow for an event to take place, I can only imagine it will grow, perhaps becomes a tradition.

Henk’s Vision, with a grin.

Imagine… a twilight market, or a twilight event on a Friday afternoon in Dayboro. Just at the right time when you come  home from work (most drive through the town), and you can meander through some stalls, get some food and enjoy the company of your family and other Dayborians.

Twilight markets are not new… they happen all over the world, they are very popular in cities like New Orleans. But they are not called Twilight Markets…. they are called….. well.. nothing really they just happen. Towns like that and the French Quarters  have the amazing ability to make it work, simply because of their logistical layout and history…

Dayboro does not have that, it is not build like that, so for that reason it is fantastic to see Lead to start these Twilight Markets

So why is it fantastic….?
  • Great initiative that can grow
  • Possibility to bring “foot traffic” to town, which can overflow to the local restaurants (dinner, coffee)
  • Creates opportunity to attract other businesses like Food Vans
  • Creates a “destination” for Friday afternoons… not only for Dayborians.
  • Creates opportunity to show case the town, and allows existing retail businesses to expand and promote.

It brings Dayboro people together in a relaxed and social event. If I go really over the top…. I could be surprised to see Dirty Hairy rolling up with a barbers chair doing Twilight Hair cuts, local sports clubs throwing a BBQ to raise funds for their club…. it simply has so much potential :-).



Either way… live local support local.


Consolidate suggestions

  •  regular like on the same day each weak or month. It needs a rhythm to get people in.
  • easy to get book a stall or place.
  • allow for things to eat e.g. dinner, ideally local restaurants support it and are open during that time. Food vans can bring variety to the market.
  • allow for lighting.
  • put local businesses first, focus on local produce/products/shops, hot foods, fresh flowers etc.
  • entertainment, local artists (perhaps an open mike sessions)
  • Club rotating bbq (enabling local clubs to do fund raising, one different club each time the twilight markets are on.)



Examples of existing

  • Check out www.kalamundanightmarket.com.au or @kalamundanightmarket on Facebook.(Perth)


Can you HELP?

Fill in the form below, if you can help out with this event. Your contact details will not be used for anything other than this event/vision/topic.

By filling it in you make it so much easier for us to forward your details to the “project” in this case lead. Lead Twilight markets… it has a nice ring to it.

Twilight Markets



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